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Spiritual Life Coach Certification™

Your new life is waiting…

If you are seeking a Divine calling; a career based in meaning, purpose and the evolution of your Soul, as well as, the ability and desire to support others in “Awakening the God Within”…The Divine Intelligence Institute™’s Spiritual Life Coach Certification™ is for you! 

Spirituality and science show an innate invisible intelligence is within each of us waiting to be discovered to bring us the meaning and purpose in our lives we have been seeking …

At our Institute we call it YOU, that small kernel of “Divine Intelligence” inside of you. Our science-based Spiritual Life Coach Certification is grounded universal spiritual truths and is a way to connect to that unlimited invisible force within called you! As you Awaken , our certification will empower you to share this precious gift as one of our certified Coaches.

Our Spiritual Life Coach Certification enables you to have your own coaching practice, including certification by the International Coach Federation. Led by Dr. Jayne Gardner Ph.D, MCC, LPC  (hyperlink to her bio ), one of only 400 Certified Master Coaches in the world.  She combines her proprietary Divine Intelligence Process (hyperlink to DI page) (a pre-requisite for all students in the certification program). As she believes we must be willing to work on our own spiritual development before Coaches can earn the right to become certified. Unlike other coaching programs, SLC believes that their coaches must have an authentic desire to help others but first …themselves. We are inclusive and non-religious.

Benefits of becoming a Certified Spiritual Life Coach 


All applicants for Spiritual Life Coach Certification must complete or be currently enrolled in The Divine Intelligence Process prior to beginning Level I.

Spiritual Life Coach Certification, Level I: 60 hours

Spiritual Life Coach Certification, Level II: 66 hours

Total Class Hours: 126



Or you can email us at contact@divineintelligenceinstitute.com to get started in 2017. Limited to 20 Coaches! 

See the full certification outline.

Spiritual Life Coach Certification: Level I

Our beginning spiritual life coaching course teaches a practical and basic set of coaching concepts called by the ICF Core Competencies. There is a strong emphasis on the International Coach Federation (ICF) Code of Ethics. The class is a 60-hour course, consisting of a 4-days on-site workshop (30 hours) and 20 webinars (30 hours). The 60 hours are recognized and accepted by ICF for the credential requirements. Click here to see upcoming start dates.

Level I consists of four classes : 4 Days In-Person Training

1. Introduction to Spiritual Life Coaching - 24 hours, the first 3 of the 4 days in-person

This class is part of the 4-day spiritual life coaching Level I. It provides an overview of the coaching profession and how it has evolved. It introduces beginning level coaching skills and ICF guidelines and standards. The primary focus is on setting the coaching foundation, co-creating the coaching relationship, basic communication skills, goal setting, and engaging and focusing the client. Teaching is didactic as well as experiential. Each participant will experience the role of coach as well as observe actual coaching demonstrations conducted by ICF certified Divine Intelligence Institute™ instructors.

Objectives: At the end of this class, participants will be able to articulate and demonstrate a talking knowledge of the coaching profession, ICF Code of Ethics, ICF Core Competencies, use of various coaching tools and methods, and clarify their vision of themselves as a coach.

2. Ethics of Coaching - 6 hours, 1 day in-person, the 4th day of Introduction to Spiritual Life Coaching

This class is part of the 4-day workshop. It is a study of the ICF Code of Ethics, with in-depth discussion of each part, along with role plays. Teaching is didactic as well as experiential. Each participant will experience the role of coach, with feedback from peers and instructors.

Objectives: At the end of this class, participants will be able to articulate and demonstrate comprehension of the ICF Code of Ethics and how to effectively apply them appropriately in a variety of coaching situations.


3. Spiritual Life Coaching Practices - 24 hours, 16 webinars

This 16-session class provides in-depth practice of each of the ICF Core Competencies for Spiritual Life Coaching Certification and how to apply them in a variety of “real world” coaching situations. Each participant will experience the roles of coach, client and observer. As coach, they will receive feedback, ideas, encouragement and suggestions from their colleagues and the instructors. They will learn to establish a coaching agreement, create awareness and action, facilitate results, and manage accountability and progress.

Objectives: At the end of this class, participants will be able to articulate and demonstrate comprehension of the ICF Core Competencies and how to effectively apply them appropriately in a variety of coaching situations.

4.  Spiritual Life Coach Certification: Marketing the Spiritual Way

This is a proprietary marketing packet created and designed by Dr. Gardner to help coaches market their life coaching practice after they're certified.  The Divine Intelligence Institute acknowledges the hard work it will take to create a profitable business and is dedicated to supporting each coach trained in being successful financially.

In addition to our Marketing the Spiritual Way class, unique to The Divine Intelligence Institute™, we provide our Spiritual Life Coach graduates with continued interaction and a strong, active spiritual life coaching community, including opportunities for additional spiritual advancement as well as ongoing networking, and business building.

Spiritual Life Coach Certification: Level II

Level II Consists of Four Classes

1. Coaching The Divine Intelligence Process (5 days in person)

This class is our marquee offering. As part of the Divine Intelligence Institute's path to Spiritual Life Coaching Certification, this course focuses on learning how to coach using our proprietary process. Our process develops the client's spiritual self through eight dialogues. These eight dialogues help the client with self-reflection and self -discovery, unplugging them from their external authority sources and develop their own internal guidance system, finding what we call the "authentic self." The process focuses on defining the client’s interior life and then teaching the client how to live life in their newly awakened self. As a certified ICF training institute,  the priority is teaching excellence and integrating the ICF Core Competencies  in our genre of spiritual coaching.  Our training takes place over a 5-day period in person at our headquarters in Dallas, TX.

2. Neuroscience (2 days in person)

Knowing the basics of how the brain changes is important to the credibility this process brings to the client. Coaches will be introduced to 12 Neuroscience Laws and how they apply to coaching. Our Neuroscience Workshop is designed to teach our students how brain chemistry can impact and improve the field of spiritual life coaching.  The integration of science and spirituality is demonstrated  in this class in order for coaching skills to improve and provide sustainable change for clients.

3. Group and Team Coaching (2 days in person)

Whether you are a Spiritual Life Coach or someone who is interested in enriching their life with an introduction to spiritual coaching, the Divine Intelligence Institute offers a 2-day workshop that will introduce coaches to the Divine Intelligence Process in a group setting. Each ICF Core Competency is learned from a group and team perspective. Day one will consist of learning to coach in groups. Day two will be entirely focused on learning to coach our flagship process in groups.

Our Group and Team Coaching Workshops are designed with the goal to open our clients to the world of spiritual life coaching in groups and teams of people.

In this workshop, we will cover in depth:

4. Spiritual Coaching

In this class, coaches learn how to help their clients use  trust, intuition and divine inner guidance in moving toward their goals. The program is inclusive and not religious. The fifteen Universal Spiritual truths are interwoven with didactic and classroom experience. Each truth will be studied in relationship to the ICF Core Competencies.  Various states of consciousness are learned to illustrate how to move the client forward through tools like  meditation, focusing, energy work, sound and prayer as a means of deepening inner work and promoting spiritual growth. 

The spiritual coaching approach produces powerful results and allows clients to transform at a profound and deep level.

This course is pending ICF approval.



Or you can email us at contact@divineintelligenceinstitute.com