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Dr. Jayne Gardner

Dr. Jayne Gardner tells her training students she is excited to get up every morning due to the passion coaching brings to her life. She combines neuroscience with spirituality raising her coaching to the highest level of success for her clients. She teaches her clients how to reprogram their minds to achieve goals beyond their imagination.

Twenty- five years of experience combined with the highest recognition and education possible in the coaching field, she is one of a few hundred coaches in the world to own the coveted title of MCC, Master Certified Coach. She has a Ph.d in counseling psychology and has been on several university faculties.

Most important for you, her success as an individual coach is unprecedented. Her clients achieve their goals, no matter how challenging.

Here is what her clients say about her:

"Your amazing coaching has enriched me beyond measure and is truly a light unto this world!" 

"Due to your coaching, my life has transformed on many levels both professionally and personally. But the most important results from coaching with you has been the impact on my daughter. For that, alone, your coaching is priceless!"

"Coaching with you, I learned how powerful my own thoughts are and that I can create just the life I want by changing my thoughts. The cellular changes that occurred in my brain are here for good -as is my amazing life."


Dave Bauer

Dave Bauer has been a life coach since 1995. He earned his B.S. in Economics from the United States Air Force Academy and an M.S. in Systems Management from Western New England College. He is a former Air Force pilot and program manager within the aerospace industry. He is a graduate of the University of Texas at Dallas Professional and Executive Coaching Program and is an ICF Professional Certified Coach (PCC).

Dave brings his military background, his corporate business experience, his education, as well as experience bicycle racing at the national level to coaching. He has been involved with Mindset for Success from inception.

His typical client is a senior executive or business owner who wishes to achieve new goals or meet a difficult challenge. Mindset for Success provides the process, structure and accountability for his clients.  He provides individual coaching and coaching in team/group settings.  He believes that inside every successful person is an even more exceptional performer.


Kelley McElreath

Kelley McElreath is the Director or Operations with The Gardner Institute and co-leader in all training programs. She is fully certified in the Mindset Spiritual Process and also has her ACC credential through the ICF.

She is a breast cancer survivor and spends her spare time helping women discover their true potential and that they truly can overcome any obstacle life may throw at them. She believes that every person has a “driving force” that is within themselves that can help them accomplish anything they set out to do.

Here is what her clients say about her:

"Kelley was instrumental in coaching me through the Mindset for Success program.  After many years of counseling I was in a much healthier place, however I was still not able to stop much of the negative thinking about myself, past decisions, my current and future life. Kelley helped me through each step of the program to finally change the way I think about myself, the way I see myself, the way I believe God sees me, and the way I could visualize my future life and finally walk in confidence instead of fear. I will forever be grateful and thankful for her support as she walked along side me. I would highly recommend Kelley as a life coach to anyone seeking to change their mindset!" - Kathy English


Deborah K. Broach

Deborah began her coaching career as a Career Coach in the corporate environment to expand upon her work history of employee training and development. After ten years in the corporate environment, Deborah’s client-focus migrated to the niche of spiritual coaching and now she works with clients wishing to grow spiritually outside of formalized religion. Religion has its place, but spiritual growth need not be limited by religious foundations. Souls seeking higher connections with God and the Divine, find growth potential within Mindset Coaching. 


Cissie Cargill

As a professional life coach, Cissie works with people who want to get more out of life than simply going through the motions each day. Her clients are ready to take action to create lives that are full of confidence and joy, fulfilling their deep-down desires to have a sense of real significance and purpose in their lives. Cissie welcomes the opportunity to work individually or in groups with spouses of executives and professionals, and with women in various stages of transition in their lives. She understand the challenges they face and bring a caring and thoughtful perspective to the issues that arise for them.



Jordan Compton

Jordan Compton brings a broad perspective to her Life Coaching clients from three decades in Corporate America. While working at American Airlines, Sabre and Thomson Reuters, Jordan broadened her technical experience through roles such as a classroom instructor, a software / web design analyst, by developing computer-based training, by conducting formal usability on her software products, as well as through staffing and managing domestic and international technologists. Her career also led her to an expat assignment in Krakow, Poland as a technology leader. Yet, her coaching style is firmly grounded in the belief that each person holds all answers within and that personal insights are most valuable when discovered. In 2005 Jordan wrote and self-published a book on forgiveness, When a Child Forgives, and has promoted the concept by holding retreats as well as speaking on radio and television. She currently holds an International Coach Federation ACC certification and is actively coaching individuals and groups. She is also certified to coach Mindset for Success, designed by the Gardner Institute, a proprietary program (also certified by ICF) based on the neuroscience proof that we can rewire our brains with intentional beliefs. In her spare time, Jordan enjoys traveling, reading, painting as well as spending time with her two adult children (a daughter and a son) along with three adorable grandchildren.



Tricia Green


Danielle Mercurio

Danielle Mercurio is an ICF and Mindset Certified Life Coach. She has always had an interest in natural healing, personal growth, and spirituality. As the former Director of Training for the Gardner Institute she trained future coaches, helping them pursue their purpose in life. Her experience as a Wellness Coach, Triathlete, and Laughter Yoga Leader has given her the holistic skills needed to assist others emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. Danielle’s goal is to “empower people to reconnect with their highest self so they can live the happy, healthy, and meaningful life they’re destined to live.” Her coaching method is based on neuroscience research which extols the value of letting go of unconscious, negative beliefs and rewiring the brain with energizing and empowering beliefs. She is passionate about offering individual and group coaching as well as transformational workshops to help people ignite their inner light.


Debra Rossi

My goal as a Personal Life Coach and Certified Mindset for Success Coach is to assist people who want to strengthen their inner self, find purpose in their lives, pursue passions, and continue to develop their potential, both personally and professionally. I use the Mindset for Success program with my clients. This is a process that allows you to shift out of your limiting beliefs and change your mindset with new powerful thoughts. A higher concept of yourself involves taking on new truths and trusting your power. Change your thoughts with new positive ideas and your world changes.




Martina Santesteban

Martina is an Life Coach for Women who dedicates her practice to providing a spiritual space for women searching for inner peace and outer balance. She works with her clients who are searching for a reduced sense of urgency in today’s rushed life, the ability to savor experiences and connect with the people around them, gaining greater self confidence and trust, and, as a result, becoming empowered to make sustainable changes in all aspects of their lives. 

Martina is actively working together with the Gardner Institute to continue offering Mindset training and workshops online and in the Austin, TX area. 



Vernita Steege

Vernita Steege is a Professional Life Skills/Business & Recovery Coach working with individuals (including family members) who are currently in the process of seeking relief from addictive tendencies and have a strong desire to get back on track and focucs on improving the quality of the their life. Typical coaching situations include illness, re-entering the work force, re-building self esteem and re-building relationships. She possess the knowledge, training, and experience to address the needs of the individual client at a level that is right for the individual to get back into action. Vernita meets the client on their level and partners with them on the journey to get them to where they want to be.

She is a member of the International Coaching Federation (ICF), various community organizations, and is actively involved in Sponsorship within the 12 Step program.



425 299-1379

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