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About Spiritual Life Coaching 

Spiritual life coaching is a special calling that allows individuals to not only improve their own lives, but help improve the lives of others in the process. The practice and profession of spiritual life coaching is a unique opportunity that invites the great possibility to change, and facilitates the transformation.

Utilizing the life coaching process (read about the Divine Intelligence Institute's process), spiritual life coaches are able to inspire individuals, to help them maximize their personal and professional development while also challenging them to investigate their own spiritual self. Spiritual life coaching dares to ask: What would your day-to-day look like if you were living a truly fulfilling life?

In today’s society, many of individuals find themselves living a life on autopilot, where their days consist of little more than going through the motions of every day life. The trappings of our modern way of living like technology, streaming tv, economic insecurity, job pressures, bills, family, friends, and personal success can sometimes be overwhelming, leaving one wondering where to start to improve their life. But what about those who want more than to simply survive? Luckily, there's no reason to live like you're always in stop-and-go traffic.

At its core, spiritual life coaching encourages a person to seek answers to bigger questions. It fosters individual growth by tuning to an entity that is higher than our own conditioned minds. Our conditioned mind is the result of the many external factors that exert influence on us, making us who we are for better or worse, and preventing us from facilitating change in our own lives.

The life coaching industry is an ever-growing and diversifying business. Today, you can find life coaches for any specific need - from group coaching, corporate life coaching, professional improvement, and more. The spiritual life coaching focus is quickly growing as people seek a way to harmonize their own personal goals with that of the spiritual self. Our industry offers plenty of paths to knowledge including spiritual life coaching books (see below), counseling, events specifically for spiritual growth, and the Divine Intelligence Institute's own proprietary spiritual life coaching certification process.

Many people know they want more out of life, but just don’t know which direction to go to attain it. The goal of spiritual life coaching is to guide the individual on a unique journey where they are able to explore the depths of their consciousness and access their divine within (what we at the Divine Intelligence Institute call your "infinite creative potential"). When you access the limitless self within, you become aware of the divine power you have to create the life you want, and the life you deserve. 

If you want to become a Spiritual Life Coach, you can start at the links below: