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Spiritual Life Coaching School

The Basics of Life Coaching Courses

The business of life coaching continues to prove itself as more than just another trendy fad under the "self-help" label. Most people have been exposed to the term “life coach” and are now aware that specialized institutions exists offering professional certifications in the field. Coaching continues to be a popular and - ultimately - very lucrative industry that generates $1 billion a year as reported recently by the Harvard Business Review report.

How Does Spiritual Life Coaching Fit In?

The budding niche of Spiritual Life Coaching may not yet be on everyone’s radar. Spiritual Life Coaching Schools offer a specialized certification that incorporates the fundamentals of “coaching” to help clients reach their full potential. They integrate this foundation with spiritual philosophies and principles that can help the client reach a more profound level of success.

Like other Life Coaching Certification Programs, most Spiritual Life Coaching Schools still follow the core competencies outlined by the International Coach Federation (ICF)- the leading coaching organization and professional associate for coaches.  

How Does Spiritual Life Coaching Differ From Regular Life Coaching?

Spiritual Life Coaching Schools aim to certify professional life coaches that challenge their clients existing understanding of themselves and the spirituality in order to bring forth a more fulfilling life. They offer a curriculum that trains coaches to facilitate profound transformation in their clients. The mission statements of most Spiritual Life Coaching Schools are often based around helping individuals find their life's purpose and personal connection a divine source within.

Many Spiritual Life Coaching Schools provide an abundance of testimonials from past clients that claim they have found their highest self and connected with something greater than this world, ultimately bringing upon clarity and fulfillment in their day-to-day lives.

Spiritual Life Coaching Schools often foster an understanding of spiritual principles that are rarely limited to one religious truth. These spiritual ideologies typically incorporate accepted truths and wisdom that are derived from the commonalities of the major world religions today, as well as the influence of sages that preceded these religious institutions. Spiritual Life Coaching Schools provide non-dogmatic tools and resources that anyone can implement to improve their existing quality of life.

As a Spiritual Life Coaching School, the Gardner Institute offers several events and courses for those interested in becoming a spiritual life coach. The Gardner Institute is proud to be one of the foremost spiritual life coaching schools in the country. Below you can find information about spiritual life coaching and how it differs from other life coaching programs.