Spirituality vs. Religion | Divine Intelligence Institute

Spirituality vs. Religion

When people visit our website for the first time, they often ask us the question "is your school based on a certain religion?"

The answer is no.

We are not associated with religion. Rather we honor and unconditionally accept all people. Spirituality, to us, is a way of life, a joyous celebration of everyone’s innate spiritual nature and power. Our description as a "spiritual training school" is defined by the ways we combine the spiritual and the scientific.

First, the Divine Intelligence Institute believes that every individual has the divine within them and it manifests itself in our uniqueness, our authenticity, and our unlimited power to create. Unfortunately, most of us turn away from our divinity as we grow up and create a Conditioned Self, the limiting self-image to protect ourselves and please others.

Secondly, we define “spiritual coaching" as the way we help our clients unleash the divine within them, allowing their inner power to be restored so they can become the conscious creators of their own life. The unleashing of the Authentic Self (our original divinity) shows up in better health, happier relationships and more prosperity.

Finally, our intention in creating our flagship spiritual process called the Divine Intelligence Process, is and always has been to connect you back to your divine self. Students have reported deeply moving experiences resulting in awakening to the presence of this internal spirit. We are all one. Thus, uncovering the spirit within each of us holds forth the promise of an eternal life for us all.

Every step in our Divine Intelligence Process is based on neuroscience and how the brain changes. It is proven that our conditioned brains can be changed by releasing the old beliefs which have conditioned our brains to mediocrity. Recent developments in neuroscience shows us that the brain has a quality - neuroplasticity - meaning any conditioning to the brain can always be reversed, giving us hope to return to our original divinity.

Our Divine Intelligence Process takes you through changing the structure of your brain, step by step, restoring its unlimited power.