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Looking for feedback on our classes and workshops? Below are testimonials from several current and previous clients. 




Additional Testimonials

"The Core Coach Training at the Gardner Institute is everything you need to become an effective coach. It is a challenging, interactive, and informative course that guarantees mastery of the essential skills of coaching. In this course, you will learn and practice the core competencies that make coaching a unique system of discovery and growth for clients, and along the way, you will experience dramatic growth yourself as a professional coach. The course provides the opportunity for you to meet and network with others in the field and to create dynamic alliances that will serve you throughout your professional career. I recommend this course for anyone who wants to coach clients for success and for anyone who wants to be a successful coach."

Jane C. Hickerson, Ph.D., LMSW-ACP

“You will leave Gardner Institute training program with skills that can be used in the outside world to help others. You get so much more than book learning or a piece of paper.”

Amy Bonaccorso, Award Winning Author

"Through the Mindset for Success program and coaching with Jayne, I was able to identify the limiting beliefs hindering me from reaching my full potential. Better than any training program or business book, the Mindset for Success program forces you to focus on what matters most...what you silently tell yourself every day. We are only limited by the invisible boundaries and rules that we place on ourselves. This program helps you identify those beliefs and rewire your mind to get different results. Mindset is a very effective program that creates tangible results for anyone willing to put in the honest effort.

I started the program focusing on the daily journaling to uncover my own limiting beliefs and did the hard work to rewire how I viewed myself and the world around me. I've seen not only a significant improvement at work with regards to confidence, but also a rewarding shift in my job satisfaction, and overall personal fulfillment. This program is powerful, because it does much more than create awareness of why you are who you are. This program facilitates making permanent changes to overcome the limiting beliefs you have been operating by for most of your life.

Kelley McClain Senior Department Manager, CapitalOneAuto UTD EMBA Student

"The greatest aspect of working through the Mindset dialogues is that it has truly transformed who I am as an individual. When I first began working with Dr. Gardner, she challenged me by stating that some of the best executives continually reflect on who they are personally and through this self-analysis their leadership continually evolves and improves. Through the dialogues I have come to recognize what inhibits me as an individual and what I need to do to overcome these obstacles. The growth through this process has been phenomenal and I am very pleased that I agreed to go through the dialogues."

Matt Dynes, MBA

"This class transformed me. I came in as one person and got out as a more refreshed and knowledgeable coach. The coaching practice and the mentoring made me grow as a coach and as a person. My peers became a part on my journey and now I have all the energy and clarity to focus on getting certified and on my coaching business.”

Mariana Gomez

“I gained more from the Core Coaching than I ever expected. In addition to the knowledge, I gained experience, confidence and insights about myself. I feel ready to begin my new career as a professional coach."

Sheri Jenkinson

“This class was a great experience. I learned so much more than I anticipated. I feel enabled to be successful in my coaching career.’

Linda Harless

“I love the size of the class and how you all took extra care to make sure the class would mesh. Great energy was derived from all the group. The trainers were very knowledgeable and I loved hearing insight from them.”

Julie Carmichael

"Great trainers! Great material! I highly recommend Core Training to anyone serious about establishing their coaching business on a solid foundation. The hands on activities and real life scenarios bring coaching alive! I look forward to Mindset Training."

DeNeen Attard