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A Scientific and Spiritual Process for Awakening the "Creator" Within



What if God were embraced as a presence instead of a person?   

To us, God is not a person we seek, but it is who we are. At The Divine Intelligence Institute™ we have studied the great spiritual masters ,as well as, philosophers throughout history from the Vedas, Buddha, Plato, Jesus, Jung to today’s His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama. Our research into the spiritual evolution of the human race revealed a common theme — God lies within us.

Beyond the constrains of religion, Divine Intelligence aims to serve people seeking or craving a personal understanding of God or the “divine spark” within us. Spiritual enlightenment is about moving God from without to within you.

Our contemporary Divine Intelligence Process combines Ancient Wisdom with Neuroscience and Quantum Physics—blending science with spiritual truths confirming the existence of an un-limited Energy we can ALL activate…

The Divine Intelligence Process shows you how!

The need for a teaching or path is not new, but what is new, is our proprietary process. Regardless of what your beliefs are about God, we believe the only God you will ever know is the one inside of you! Combining Science and Spirituality we aim to Awaken the "Creator" Within You.

The purpose of our Divine Intelligence Process is to shift your power source from a God sitting up in the sky on a cloud to sourcing from within the Creator Force that is YOU.


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A Proven Process to Awaken Your Divine Intelligence

Led by Dr. Jayne Gardner, MCC, LPC, The Divine Intelligence Process can help you transcend your limiting beliefs about God. Thousands of people have experienced the transformative power of The Divine Intelligence Process. We promise to connect you to this unlimited power source within yourself. The only reason we can fulfill this promise is that the basis of our process is giving you the internal work needed to attain  spiritual enlightenment.

Since YOU do the work, our process works to connect you to the Creator within you.

Now…imagine getting to experience weekly interaction in a group setting with one of the most highly sought after coaches and the only Scientific/Spiritually-based Coaching Process out there? 

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The Divine Intelligence Process promises to help you…

Discover the real “secret” to manifesting a life you truly desire;

good health, financial security,

and emotional well being.


The Divine Intelligence Process starts within yourself to create change.


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Cost: $1,000 registration fee which includes a copy of our work book for The Divine Intelligence Process™. A $400 down payment reserves your spot for the course.

All sessions are led by Dr. Jayne Gardner, MCC, LPC.