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Gardner Institute and Spiritual Life Coaching

Spiritual Life Coaching facilitates the transformation of the individual beyond the confines of our preconceived limitations.  Since birth, society has told us what to do, who to be, and how to behave. The Gardner Institute pioneers new innovations taking place in the niche of Spiritual Life Coaching using a holistic approach that integrates the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience with Universal Spiritual Principles. 

How Does the Gardner Institute Teach Spiritual Life Coaching Certification?

Dr. Jayne Gardner has defined Spiritual Life Coaching through the creation of her unprecedented, patented process, Mindset for Success. Dr. Jayne Gardner’s process is substantiated with these latest discoveries in neuroscience that has proven our brains’ demonstrate the divine power of neuroplasticity.

So, What does this mean in laymen terms?

Until 1999, neuroscientists understood that the adult brain was hardwired, so by the time that we reach adulthood, we were assumed to be stuck with whatever neural networks had developed.

In recent years, iconoclastic neuroscientists shifted the paradigm of what was held to be the irrefutable truth in the world of neuroscience. Their discoveries established that our adult brains demonstrate a characteristic referred to as neuroplasticity, which means even our adult brains are malleable to fundamental change in structure and function.

Dr. Gardner uses these groundbreaking triumphs in neuroscience and then combines these findings with Universal Spiritual Principles to create a step-by-step process that allows one to create their own reality, as opposed to living an existence where they merely play a passive role.

This simply means, the proprietary model exclusively offered by The Gardner Institute, allows individuals to create the next page of their narrative. As neuroscience and spirituality validate we are responsible for what is in front of us and also for what we are lacking.

Mindset for Success is a liberating journey that one can undertake while participating in Spiritual Life Coaching with the Gardner Institute.   The individual is able to shed their conditioned beliefs that have been brought upon through society, religious institutions, peers, and so forth to rewire in new empowering beliefs.

The Mindset for Success process neurologically activates your inner potential to create a new existence created by removing your limiting beliefs by tapping into our infinite potential in our minds that is intrinsically limitless. The Mindset for Success process has served thousands of people, from those that want to fulfill there expectations of a dream career to helping individuals overcome issues such as depression and anxiety.

For more information on our spiritual life coaching process, you can check out our various spiritual life coaching books, life coach training courses, and answers to various life coaching questions. 


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