The Neuroscience Behind Spiritual Life Coaching | Divine Intelligence Institute

The Gardner Institute's 2-day workshop on spiritual life coaching and neuroscience will provide you with a basic understanding of how the brain science backs up the idea of spiritual coaching.

Workshop : October 20 - 21, 2016

Course Description

The word spiritual is a term that is often associated with religions, but in this workshop we are using the term as a type of coaching, not associated with a particular religious belief.  In today’s coaching world we rarely mention the spiritual aspect of life and we treat it as if it does not exist, but it is actually the driving force behind all our clients’ actions.

Spiritual coaching is coaching at the deepest level of awareness and understanding of oneself.  It connects the client with their own inner spirit, their True Self. This self-discovery process helps them to discover and explore who they really are, their true passion, and their true intentions. As a result, the individual gains the power to create the life they choose, and to live a more purposeful and meaningful life.

Students will leave this course with a basic understanding of the brain and how to use science to back up their spiritual coaching.  

What if we could use a client’s spirituality to transform their lives—and also be scientifically certain of how to catapult a client into action toward their goal?

After over 35 years of transforming lives combined with a new understanding of the brain, Dr. Gardner can clearly and scientifically support the statement:  “You can change your brain.”  And when you have the privilege of coaching someone else to change their brain, you have the opportunity to change generations.

In this presentation, we will:

The successful completion of this workshop will give you 12 hours of CCEU’s, or if you are enrolled in our program you will receive 12 hours of Approved Coach Specific Training Hours.

All of our Neuroscience workshops are led by a Gardner Institute trainer.