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Gardner Institute - What is the Role of a Spiritual Life Coach

The term “life coach” is now a buzzword in our global society. Most people have been exposed to the idea of the coaching profession or life coach certifications and are familiar with at least some of the general concepts involved with the coaching process. The coaching model involves a co-creative, equal partnership between the client and coach.

The coach’s role is to facilitate a client’s growth by holding a process that deems the client intrinsically whole, believing that the client holds the answers but with guidance are able to effectively reach a level of clarity. Coaches work with highly motivated individuals who are looking to design a better life, build a more satisfying career, and promote self-discovery. This differs from therapy, where often the client is healing from past trauma and has been likely diagnosed with dysfunctions that hinder their ability to live a quality life in the day-to-day.

The term “spirituality” can often be misinterpreted as having a religious significance or focus. The Gardner Institute defines “spirituality” independent of any religious context or unilateral understanding. We interpret spirituality as an acceptance of the unlimited and creative power that exists within everyone. The Gardner Institute trusts that when an individual recognizes their divine capabilities and gifts, their future becomes limitless. 

So what is the role of a Spiritual Life Coach? The Gardner Institute recognizes the importance of meeting one’s practical goals from achieving better health to getting the overdue promotion at work. However, George Bernard Shaw, the famous playwright and founder of the London School of Economics said, “There are two great disappointments in life. Not getting what you want and getting it.” A person can have exactly what they have dreamed of, be it their luxury car, beautiful wife, and yet still feel the presence of some void.

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