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The Gardner Institute’s 12 Basic Beliefs

1. The Divine is within YOU and is defined as our unlimited potential: our Divine Intelligence.


2. We believe there are two states of consciousness: The Conditioned Self, or False Self where we are not evolving forward to find the God within us. The Authentic Self, our True Intentional Self, a movement toward the Divine within us.


3. Divine Intelligence is a state of divine consciousness. It is eternal, unlimited and can never be taken away from us. Love as a way of being is an example of a state of Divine Intelligence.


4. Instead of a Big Man up in the sky, the Divine could be better described as a Big Mind (Divine Intelligence) in which we are all a part. We call this Mind of God the Universal Divine Intelligence. As this Mind of God is the unlimited Source within us all, we are all a reflection of this source. Our Spiritual Law reads: We are all one.


5. We develop our Divine within instead of worshiping a Divine outside of us. The Divine is embraced as not who we seek, but who we can be. To know oneself at the deepest level is to know the Divine.


6. The Divine is an activity within us, a movement toward our innate goodness. Our Mindset Process is one way to move toward our innate Divine Intelligence. 


7. The secret to being in our Divine Intelligence is to harness the energy of our emotions, not to blame, or to hold resentment or anger to self or others. We believe negative emotions, if not processed become buried inside your brain and prevent you from Divine Intelligence. Our Spiritual Law reads: Buried Emotions Never Die. Our ultimate goal is to harness the energy of our highest emotions of love, gratitude and peace.


8. We accept and are non-judgmental or other people's paths to God. We see all people as equal, regardless of religious faith, sexual preference, income level or any other state of being. 


9. Mary Magdalene and Christ are examples of people who have found the Divine within. Like spiritual leaders of other religions, they are examples of what we can all become, not exceptions.


10. Spiritually, the development of the Divine within, does not require salvation but rather accepts our inherent divine nature. Our spiritual goal is transcendence, to rise above our human or conditioned selves and become our True divine selves.


11. We are responsible for everything that happens to us. Our Spiritual Law reads: As within, so without.


12. Heaven is possible right now in this moment on this earth. It is the development of our Divine Intelligence. Our Spiritual Law reads: Everything begins with You!


Our Mission: To help all peoples of the world uncover their inner Divine Intelligence and to grow the Universal Divine Mindset to a higher level of love. Our Mindset Process, based on science research is one way to move toward this Divine Intelligence as represented by the integrated minds of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene. 


A Scientific Process to Find God: Because our Process called Mindset is scientifically based, millions of people will find it believable as they learn to access, manage and evolve their Divine Intelligence which ultimately evolves the Divine Intelligence of the planet.

Our Divine Intelligence here at The Gardner Institute is ever evolving through the students and teachers who embrace and help us expand our Mindset Process.

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