Piper B.

Millennial seeking deeper spirituality gains clarity and more

Piper is a 30-something sales and marketing expert for a real estate development company in upstate New York in the Hudson Valley. Though she was raised Methodist from a young age, she never connected strongly with the faith. While she certainly didn’t reject being a Christian, she felt that the church was built more for the needs of society than the needs of the soul. Piper yearned to find something more soul-provoking.

Over the years, she developed a passion for exploring different religions, including eastern philosophy, but nothing ever stood out as something she wanted to subscribe to personally. As part of her spiritual journey, Piper studied mathematical concepts relating to perfect design in nature, like the golden ratio and the Fibonacci sequence. She found comfort when science demonstrated nothing on Earth is here by coincidence. Piper felt a strong urge to define this higher power, and find a way to communicate with it. That’s why when Piper came across Gnosticism, she was intrigued. Gnosticism is a spiritual practice that unifies and accepts all religions, encouraging followers to connect with his or her highest self without relating the work to a dogma. If all Piper only had to deepen the relationship with herself in order to become close to the mysterious higher power she sought, she was all in.

Although Gnosticism spoke to her, she wanted to find a guide to walk by her side on this spiritual journey. Additionally, Piper was starting to look for more meaning in her work as well. She wanted to find a new way to help others, as she naturally gravitated toward mentoring her family, friends and colleagues. When she discovered life coaching, she immediately started researching programs to become certified so she could help others in a more official capacity.

As soon as Piper found Dr. Jayne’s website, she was blown away. Up until that point, she hadn’t found any programs that offered life coaching certification and rooted its teachings in science and spirituality. After listening to Dr. Jayne on a talk radio show and learning about how she based her approach on Gnosticism, Piper was confident she had found the right spiritual guide. For the first time, Piper’s beliefs about life coaching were validated: in order to truly connect to someone’s deepest desires, the work must be rooted in spirituality, not just offer tips in a goal setting format.

As the Process unfolded, she dug up several old memories and childhood beliefs that were clouding her mind and soul. The program served as a catalyst to open up a whole new world for Piper. While she originally set out to deepen her connection with a higher power, she realized there were many more goals that were important to her that could be reached through the work. For example, after sifting through past events and emotions, Piper understood she had become conditioned to put up walls in romantic relationships. She was deeply hurt from being cheated on the past, and used skepticism in new relationships as a defense mechanism to avoid getting hurt again. She acknowledged that while she created this approach for protection, it no longer served her. Instead, it hindered her from reaching the highest level of healthy communication with new partners.

Thanks to the Process, Piper can now easily pinpoint the physical manifestations that occur when her conditioned habits attempt to take control. She tenses her shoulders, stops smiling and wrinkles her forehead. In the past, she would let her fear become all-consuming, causing her to distrust and question her partner’s character, even when it wasn’t warranted. The Process taught her to consciously avoid this scenario by openly discussing her concerns with her partner, describing how she was hurt in the past, and explaining how these events shaped her perspective on relationships. She’s also no longer afraid to tell someone she’s dating that she’s not interested in playing games. By being honest and upfront that she’s looking for a committed, monogamous relationship, she creates space for the other person to make the choice to meet her where she is or part ways amicably. This new approach has helped her to heal and grow from negative experiences with previous partners, to forgive herself and to choose love over fear.

Piper is forever grateful that Dr. Jayne created the Process. She's never felt more at peace with her spirituality, and that, in turn, positively impacts every aspect of her life, including her new romantic relationship. Piper's next goal is to spread the lessons she learned by leading as many people as she can through the Process to help them find their way home and return to their truest and best selves.