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Join Dr. Jayne for this dynamic 12 week online group course. Get personal LIVE coaching from Dr. Jayne, PhD, MCC, one of the very few Master Coaches in the world! No other life coach training school offers this kind of experience LIVE, in a group setting to literally ANYONE. Gift yourself with true spiritual transformation!  Classes are kept smaller in size deliberately so you get more one on one attention for the greatest experience.

Cost: $1000 registration fee which includes a copy of our work book for The Divine Intelligence Process. A $400 down payment reserves your spot for the course.

All sessions are led by Dr. Jayne , MCC, LPC


Divine Intelligence Process Registration

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Awaken the Creator Within

The Divine Intelligence Process™ is a dynamic 12 week (3 month) process. Registrants receive instructions once a week via a LIVE webinar with Dr. Jayne and other like-minded individuals in a safe space. You can be just as visible or invisible as you like in these private webinars or you can experience the process with Dr. Jayne in private coaching. GO TO Meetings technology (for the group) or Skype and private coaching with Dr. Jayne. You will be dialoguing both in written and oral format. You will receive a packet of 8 dialogues. Each dialogue has instructions on exact writing formats and assignments to assist you in removing limiting beliefs and installing a new empowered YOU!

Each exercise is based on the latest scientific research in quantum physics, biology, and neuroscience, transformation psychology to get past the resistance which naturally comes up when asked to perform any task.

The Divine Intelligence Process Course Outline

Pre-work: Goal setting; Pre-Coaching Inventory; Required readings in Neuroscience and Quantum Physics.

Results: Awakening the "Creator" Within You!