Tony I.

Military veteran learns to shift his perspective and foster his new life purpose

On July 4, 2017, Tony could walk. On July 5, 2017, he couldn’t walk anymore. For the next year, Tony remained paralyzed. He visited several doctors, but his condition was inexplicable. As it became clear that Tony was a medical mystery, he fell into a deep depression. Even though physicians were uncertain about his diagnosis, Tony was flippantly prescribed cancer and AIDS medication. Unwilling to medicate for an unknown condition, Tony gave up on modern medicine. He succumbed to feelings of despair, impacting every aspect of his life, and especially his marriage. Tony saw his marriage as a team, and his incapacity to play on the team really dragged him down.

Standing at 6’4’’, this military veteran walked through life with a tough guy exterior. However, Tony’s desperate search for a solution led him to seek spiritual healing practices. Before he knew it, this alternative approach started to work. Slowly but surely, Tony rehabilitated, and his ability to walk again was partially restored. As he built relationships with the people who were healing him, Tony heard over and over again that he would be an excellent life coach. He immediately dismissed the idea, rationalizing that if he didn’t have his life figured out, there was no way he could help anyone else. Also, while he strongly believed in leadership and giving back, he held the attitude that he had done his time in the military, and he was ready to finally enjoy his civilian life.

While he didn’t consider himself to fit the typical profile of a spiritual life coach, Tony continued to receive feedback that he had a gift to share with the world. He became convinced over time and finally reached out to Dr. Jayne and the Divine Intelligence Institute. After emailing back and forth, he committed himself to begin a spiritual life coach training program, which started with the Process. For the next few months, Tony realized the only thing that had kept him from walking was not accepting this calling. By working with Dr. Jayne, Tony began to take the next steps required to become a coach, and simultaneously his rehabilitation continued to improve as well.

As a result of the Process, Tony’s outlook on life completely changed. Due to his time in the military, Tony became conditioned to think in black and white. As a result, he developed a strong stance for one side over another. As he dug up and let go of old emotions, he discovered he needed to take ownership of making himself a priority. Throughout the three-month Process, he learned how be more balanced and centered by keeping his perspective neutral. By doing so, he is now positioned to be more creative and redefine his own terms. Additionally, he is no longer as hard on himself as he was before. Instead of degrading himself and believing in false limitations, he has more clarity and patience to pursue his goals.

The Process also helped Tony define his next chapter after selflessly serving his country. He felt lost after leaving an organization where he was always given direction. Subconsciously, he wanted to replace his own sense of purpose and fulfillment. By revealing his innermost desires and making peace with painful elements of his past, Tony found a new direction going forward.

When people don’t believe in Tony’s spiritual life coaching abilities, he doesn’t blame them. As a cussing, formerly beer-drinking, American man who fought for his country, the apprehension is all too familiar. When he’s shared his newfound abilities with his military buddies, they tell it to him straight: they love him like a brother, but they don’t believe him. It isn’t until he gives them a sample that they believe. Tony doesn’t think he’s special because the gift is not his, the gift is for others to receive.

Even though he knows his life got turned upside down in the worst way for a reason, it is still difficult to accept from time to time. When people encounter hardships, it’s easy to feel sorry for themselves. However, Tony believes we’re all meant to be better than the hardship we’re facing, so the race is meant to mold us. Tony never envisioned this path, and it hasn’t been easy. However, his goal is to embrace his new purpose, laugh and smile about it, and it’s because of this Process that he’s stepping into his new way of life with purpose and joy.